Gerry Polci began his professional career at the age of 14, playing drums and singing at private parties and nightclubs throughout the Tri-State area. After studying as the protégé of renowned drummer and technician Joe Morello, Gerry became one of Frankie Valli’s celebrated Four Seasons in 1973. His recordings with the group became worldwide hits, most notably “Who Loves You,” “Silver Star,” and “Oh, What A Night,” on which he sang lead. As one of The Four Seasons, Gerry also recorded music with various artists in New York and Los Angeles for television shows and commercials, and worked as the musical director on a series of Barry Manilow television specials. In 1990, Gerry retired from The Four Seasons and returned to New Jersey, where he completed his Music Education degree at Montclair State University. Upon graduation, he was offered a music teaching position in New Providence, NJ and has taught there since 1995.


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